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The millennial Plane Tree in Curinga

We already know that Calabria is a land full of beautiful realities… but you will be truly amazed when you see the thousand-year-old Plane tree! In Curinga there is the biggest Plane tree in Italy, probably planted by the brasilian monks while they were building the near hermitage of Sant’Elina. Thanks to the natural cave grown inside its trunk, it has always been a shelter to shepherds and wayfarers throughout the centuries. Even though we can tell you about his stories, we can’t put in words the amazement you will feel in his presece. 

Popularized by being nominated “The Tree of the year” in 2020, it will wait for you at the end of a little walk: you can bring your bikes with you or just lock them along the path. This is a great choice if you want to rest and enjoy the view. 

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