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General Rules and Conditions

Art. 1: Object of this Agreement

Ammàno Azienda Agricola, upon receiving payment of the agreed upon price, delivers to the Customer the bicycle described above, equipped with working front and back lights, high visibility reflector lights on wheels and pedals, bicycle helmet (upon request) and anti-theft lock. The Customer declares that he/she has examined the bicycle and has received it in an excellent state and in perfect running condition from Ammàno Azienda Agricola, specifically referring to the lights and the tires at the time of signature of this Agreement. Any faults or defects should be notified in a timely manner by the Customer to Ammàno Azienda Agricola and noted at the bottom of this Agreement. The Customer declares he/she is perfectly capable of riding the rental bicycle and declares specifically he/she is physically competent (is in a healthy state) and has the skills needed to ride the bicycle. By signing this Agreement the Customer is appointed as guardian of the bicycle that has been assigned to him/her until the moment it is returned and he/she specifically declares that he/she has read, understood and fully accepted all the articles of this Agreement, including those contained in any attachment. The Costumer can rent more than one bicycle at a time, eventually also on behalf of his(her son(s)/daughter(s), for whom he/she takes full responsibility for any misconduct or eventual damage, and he will be responsible for the restitution of the bicycles in the same conditions as they were provided to him/her. The number of bicycles rented by one customer is noted in the rental agreement.

Art. 2: Booking the bicycle

The Customer shall book the bicycle that is the object of this rental contract by and no later than 2:00 PM of the day before the rental is to begin by making a written request via email to Ammàno. The booking will be confirmed by Ammàno following receipt of the advance payment of the confirmatory deposit, equal to 25 euros per bicycle.
The Customer may cancel the booking:

  • up to 48 hours before the bicycle is to be rented – for free
  • after 48 hours before the bicycle is to be rented – losing the confirmatory deposit
Art. 3: Customer’s duties

By signing this Agreement the Customer agrees to:

  • Provide security deposit details or receipt, as indicated in the rental contract, at the time of bicycle(s) delivery;
  • Pay in full and in a timely manner the price as stated in the Rental Agreement;
    Ride the rental bicycle with the outmost diligence, in compliance of this Agreement, in accordance with the Traffic Code and any other regulation in force in Italy on the subject of traffic and circulation;
  • Hold Ammàno Azienda Agricola completely harmless from any liability and/or claim due to any damages incurred to themselves and/or to third parties deriving from the use of the rental bicycle;
  • Pay any fines, including administrative sanctions/tickets received during the rental period, personally and directly;
    Hold Ammàno Azienda Agricola completely harmless of any economic claim made by third parties for any damages incurred directly/or indirectly by the Customer due to the use of the rental bicycle;
  • In the event of damages caused to the bicycle (except for a punctured/flat tire) and/or parts of the bicycle and/or accessories received from Ammàno Azienda Agricola, Customer must provide for total payment of expenses needed to repair or replace the damaged material, so quantified:
    • seat € 10,00
    • mudguard € 15,00
    • handlebar € 15,00
    • pedals € 10,00
    • kickstand € 5,00
    • lights € 10,00
    • bike chain € 25,00
    • gearbox € 20,00
    • rear baggage rack € 15,00
    • front wheel city bike € 45,00
    • rear wheel city bike € 55,00
    • front wheel MTB € 60,00
    • rear wheel MTB € 80,00
    • lock key replacement € 10,00

In the event of theft, failure to return the bicycle, or irreparable damage to the bicycle, Ammàno Azienda Agricola must be reimbursed for the damage or loss, which is already quantified as the value of the bicycle in the price list, equal to:

    • brand: Rollmar; model: Freccia / brand: Brera; model: Amsterdam – value € 340,00
    • brand: Focus; model: Whistler – value € 730,00
  • The Customer declares under his/her own responsibility that the domicile shown in the rental Agreement and in the attached copies of the ID documents is correct and that any notice, related to this Agreement can be sent to that address;
  • The Customer is responsible for any sanction and/or ticket stemming from infringement of the Traffic Code that have been received during the term of this rental agreement. The Customer shall forward to Ammàno Azienda Agricola any memo notified by public authorities within 24 hours. After that time the Customer shall be held responsible for any expense or damage suffered by the rental company and caused by the failure to inform them in a timely manner. In the event of sanctions that are notified after the end of the rental term that have not already been paid by the Customer when the agreement is closed, the Customer henceforth authorizes the bicycle rental company to forward a copy of the Agreement and the renter’s personal data to the authorities that have issued the sanction.
Art. 4: Accidents and injuries

If an accident occurs involving the rental bicycle, even in a minimal manner, and even if the bicycle has not suffered any damages, the Customer agrees to:

  • Fulfill any civil and moral duty, especially in the case of people who have been injured and/or are endangered;
  • Request in a timely manner the intervention of the Police, Carabinieri or Traffic Officers;
  • Collect the names and addresses of any witness present at the scene;
  • Provide Ammàno with immediate notice of the facts stated above.
Art. 5: Delivery and return of bicycle

Ammàno Azienda Agricola agrees to deliver the bicycle to the Customer on the day and at the hour that has been set. The delivery will take place at Ammàno Azienda Agricola headquarters in Strada Provinciale 59, Squillace, or any other agreed venue. The bicycle shall be equipped with all the accessories provided for in the contract, in a good state and a in a perfect running condition. The Customer agrees to return the rental bicycle at Ammàno Azienda Agricola headquarters in Strada Provinciale 59, Squillace, or any other agreed venue, within the day and hour shown in the Agreement and in the state it was received in. In the event of delays in the return of the bicycle, Ammàno Azienda Agricola reserves itself the right to apply to the Customer a penalty equal to the daily fare. In the event of a failure to return the bicycle, what is provided for in Art. 3 of this Agreement shall be applied.