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Irtu - Bike Park

The Project

The Irtu Bike Park Project was born thanks to the award dedicated to innovative non-agricultural start-ups in the rural area of Serre Calabresi. We’ve obtained it by participating in the Call promoted in 2019 by the Local Action Group G.A.L. Serre Calabresi: a network of public and private actors that manages and implements the “SPES Strategie per(re)stare” Local Action Plan, funded by the LEADER II Community Initiative.

The Aim of the Local Action Plan include the support to integrated development processes of the territory and the human resources that inhabit it, to reverse the course of depopulation, phenomenon that mainly affects inland areas.

In particular, with the “Innovalia. Incubator of ideas for social and economic growth” intervention, we had the chance to expand the offer of Ammàno Azienda Agricola, by integrating agricultural activity with the supply of innovative services. So we can pursue the aim of establishing a rural reality with a tourist vocation, that is our contribute, direct and indirect, to the well-being of the community, both in terms of local economy development and public health improvement.

Some data:

In Italy, cycle tourism generates the average turnover by

billion euros per year

The chances of developing cardiovascular disease can be reduced by

% cycling regularly!

Travel by bicycle at least once a day reduces CO2 emissions by

kg per year

The Project is aimed both at cycle-tourists coming from other Italian and foreign regions, and at local cycle-amateurs: promoting the cycling culture in the area is our contribution to obtain positive effects on the quality of life, in the short and long term, thanks to its positive impact on sedentary lifestyle decrease, gas emissions reduction and  local economy development.

The road is uphill, but we hope that Irtu, the first Bike Park in Calabria, will soon be able to network with other activities: we like to imagine our Region crossed by cycle paths and suburban sections served by real cycle-stations. 

We are working to let who visit or live in Calabria ride the itineraries, and in general, to disseminate the sustainable tourism values as a model for new entrepreneurship

Programma di Sviluppo Rurale 2014/2020
Regione Calabria

Intervento B.1.2
Innovalia. Incubatore di idee per la crescita sociale ed economica.

Misura 19.2 – 6.2.1
Aiuto all’avviamento per nuove attività non agricole nelle aree rurali

Titolo e descrizione del progetto: 
Bicigrill e servizi integrati per il turismo

Importo finanziato: € 40.000,00

Iniziativa finanziata dal FEASR

Let's grow the bike-friendly facility net in Calabria!