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Bike Park

The break you were looking for

Irtu is a Bike Park. The name itself encloses two important concepts: Nature and Love for Cycling. We want you to have fun in our Bike Park while providing you with some useful services that can help you improve your cycle tourism and bikepaking experiences in Calabria. 

E-bike Charging Point

  • quick charge, according to your battery technical features
  • up to 2 bikes can be charged at the same time
  • you’ll pay parking fee only

Rest Stop

  • Drinking fountain
  • Equipped picnic area – free access
  • Barbecue available on request

Self-repair workshop

  • Disassembly tool kit
  • Replacement parts can be purchased on request
  • Infopoint service for specialised support in the area

Bike Rental

  • 6 city bikes and 2 montain bikes available in any size
  • Bike and accessories rental available
  • Free bike return and delivery in the Park

The park bike-friendly area is equipped with an outdoor area where you will be able to have lunch, relax, have a snack or even barbecue. Drinking water is available. You will also be able to make use of our essential Bike Repair Kit. If you are on your e-bike, you will be able to recharge your batteries and your bike for almost an hour.

Didn’t bring your own bike? No problem! We have lots of bikes for rent. Just book one of them on line- it’s very easy!

How the e-bike
charging point works
01. Check opening hours

We do not have an automatic e-bike charging station. The e-bike charging service is available only during the day.

02. Reach us by e-bike

Follow the signs to Squillace and when you are close to the area, turn on your navigator on.

03.Recharge your batteries

While waiting, you can relax by the fountain, park in the shade in the picnic area and enjoy your picnic lunch.

The e-bike parking costs 0.50 euros per hour
Minimum stop: 1 hour

How to reach the Bike Park


You will have to pay only for the e-bike parking service and any additional service. Anything else including drinking water, use of the park benches and Bike Park repair tools is free of charge.
If you did not bring any food with you, we have the right solution for you: in the Irtu Park you will be able to by some organic vegetables produced in the Ammano vegetable garden.

Yes, they are. Make yourself at home.

Unfortunately it does not. In any case, if you have any doubts ask for help.

The Irtu Bike Park is a rural area. It is possible to stop there for a while but you can not park your car there.

You can park for short periods of time in a square that is 200 metrics far from us for free.

Give us a call or fill in the contact form.

Unfortunately thre are no proper toilets. However, There is lots of space in the park, we can assist you in finding some privacy and we will provide you with a little shovel if necessary. Please respect the  Leave no Trace policy.

The Bike Park Idea comes from our passion for cycling. Cycling for us represents a way to explore the world at a perfect pace that allows you to move fast while enjoying the beauties and the landscapes around you. We know what is needed for a cycling holiday and we love Calabria: we have decided to provide you with some services that will help you enjoy both.
You want to know more about the project? Click here for more infos.

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