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From the countryside to the seaside

Starting from the Irtu Bike Park lets you warm-up briefly – about 3 km – at 200 meters above sea level, and then rise up to 350 meters a.s.l. thus reaching the top of Squillace.

If your legs already need some rest, we suggest you spend some time visiting the place and be welcomed by the village, its traditions and its history. And then, obviously, get back on the saddle.

Let’s go down the cobblestones of Corso Guglielmo Pepe towards road called “Strada del Santuario della Madonna del Ponte”: the view gradually becomes more breathtaking, turn after turn. Please keep your eyes on the street thoug and pay attention to ride safely! Hairpin bends are numerous and the slope is considerable. The asphalt is in good condition, but due to the passage of wild boars, there can be small clods along the roadside.

Once you reach the “Madonna del Ponte” Sanctuary, the sea is close and the journey is flat: you’re just a few rides far from Squillace Lido. There you can give up on the map and follow the smell of iodine to reach the seafront. In addition to some lidos and a lot of free beach you can find Copa Bay surf club.

Swimming is almost a must, the sea is calm – or at most a little jokester – in almost all months of the year.

To wrap up the itinerary you will have to prepare for a long but sweet climb back to Irtu Parco Bici, surrounded by silver olive groves, pastures and some small citrus groves sheltered from the wind. A technical jacket can be an excellent travel companion if you’re riding during mid-seasons.

Once you have passed trough the second small peak that flanks Squillace, just let the slight descent guide you back to us for a well-deserved refreshment and fresh water.

Difficulty level: INTERMEDIATE
Characteristics of the path:
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