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Serre Calabresi Springs

The itinerary starts easily from Irtu Bike Park on a smooth asphalt that runs next to beautiful fields, vineyards and olive groves. If you start your ride at sunset you’ll notiche that the countryside turns majestically into a red tone. This itinerary gives you time to warm up gradually, because the first kilometers runs on roads with gentle slopes.

Then, a 7 km climb takes you to Amaroni, a village full of options to quench your thirst.

If you are not in a hurry, take a breake and ask for a Brasilena at the central square bar. Brasilena is the 100% Calabrian refreshing and energetic coffee drink made with water from the Acqua Calabria springs, which flows right there, a few kilometers from where you are. If you close your eyes, you might may even smell the roasted coffee beans.

Otherwise, you can follow signals to “Fontana Vecchia”, historic meeting point of the village’s washerwomen.

A third option: keep climbing and you will be rewarded with a sip of fresh water and the chance to fill your bottle directly from the Serra Springs! Locals make pilgrimages to stock up water from here.

It’s time to cool off: the descent will make you breathe even on the hottest days! If you tend to be cold, put on your windproof jacket before restart your ride. The path glides fast and winding and opens up to breathtaking views: be cautious and enjoy the show.

Last effort: climb up to the old village of Squillace. 

Face the cobbles that leads you to the Castle, then stop and talk to the ceramic artisans: they will explain the long tradition of their terracotta, for which Squillace is famous.

Is it getting late?

Don’t worry, the last stretch that takes you back to Irtu is downhill: in a few minutes you will be back at the base camp where we’ll be waiting for you with a smile and a seasonal fruits basket.

Difficulty level: INTERMEDIATE
Characteristics of the path:
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