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Culture and art of weaving

Starting from Irtu Parco Bici you have plenty of time to get familiar with your vehicle and enjoy the views to the sea.

The first 6 km are almost all downhill, the Strada Provinciale is good and with little traffic, until you reach the famous Strada Statale 106, a road on which we recommend caution even with low traffic conditions.

On this 5 km-long & well paved stretch, all flat or slightly flat, you can find your own pace and start the real warm-up.

As it can happen in Calabria, there is a world to discover just around the corner: the itinerary takes a detour inland along the Scolacium Archaeological Park, which can certainly be worth a first stop.

After all, it is a cycle-tourist route, not a mountain stage of the Giro d’Italia … isn’t it?

Keep on cycling you begin to test your legs and start your little climbing adventure.

You’ll first take the road up towards San Floro, a Neolithic village which over the centuries became famous for silkworms breeding, spun and woven silk production.

The route continues – always uphill – up to Borgia, rising from 200 to more than 350 meters above sea level. At this point, you can finally go back down to the valley floor and reach Irtu Parco Bici full of new experiences and with a lot of uphill in your legs.

Difficulty level: INTERMEDIATE
Characteristics of the path:
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